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The Most Rockies Player Of All Time

So, I happened to be in a Rockies-Braves game chat with Jon Bois at Baseball Nation, and so I decided to post my opinion on who is the Most Rockies Player of all time. Here’s what I wrote – I didn’t want to lose it.

The Most Rockies Player of All Time should do one important thing very well, do another important thing very poorly, and have terrible fashion sense. They should be a hitter, and not be either exceptional or even exceptionally well-known. I nominate Dante Bichette, a guy who couldn’t field his way out of a dryer bag, who racked up 1.8 fWAR while ALMOST WINNING THE TRIPLE CROWN in ’95. He fielded the same way Billy Joel drives cars. But he hit the same way Rollie Fingers grew mustaches. Excellence side-by-side with futility, a Rockies trademark. (He also wore a Bichette Happens t-shirt on a baseball card, and I think that covers the hideous fashion sens item.) He is truly the Most Rockies of all time.

Not too bad. I think I’ve made my point.


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Doubleheader Day Update

As I write this, the Mets are in the middle of a doubleheader, hosting the Colorado Rockies. The team just lost the first game of the doubleheader, and the team’s record stands at 4-8.

That’s pretty terrible – but it’s also early in the season.

While a small sample size means that we can’t take much seriously in the way of statistics, there are certainly a couple of trends that could be spotted, and items to watch for as the season continues.

#1 – The Rise and Fall of Chris Young. While Young has been extraordinarily effective in his first two starts, I still remain worried about his continued effectiveness through the season. While I would be thrilled if he maintains half of this effectiveness throughout the season (and keeps limiting homers), he won’t. It’s not possible. Even worse, Chris Young is already a bit injured, and is forced to put off his next start in favor of DJ Carrasco. I worry that we’ll start very soon to hear “oh no, why isn’t CY effective any more?” murmurs, or worse, “what body part is injured” screams.

#2 – The 2nd Base Platoon. Terry Collins seems to be moving towards using Daniel Murphy and Brad Emaus in a straight platoon at second base. Honestly? I like it. Neither Emaus or Murphy is going to be a world-beater this year. Give your team the best chance to win, every single night. And while Murph still looks a little like a work-in-progress at 2B, Emaus’s defense has looked fine to me. I think we have a cheap, workable solution here.

#3 – Minor League Arms. While it is still too early to get too excited, Jenrry Mejia and Matt Harvey have started off the season doing excellent work in the minors. While both must improve secondary pitches, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Jenrry can take a spot in the rotation in 2012, and Harvey in 2013. A pipeline of young, effective starters is something that any team, but especially this team, needs to be successful. It’s great to feel that we could have that going forward now.

#4 – The Citi Field Factor. The team would drastically benefit from a left-handed pull power-hitter in the lineup. Watching the difference between David Wright and Scott Hairston banging balls off the left field fence and Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez taking the ball over the right field wall is enlightening. Ike’s got some raw power – but Carlos Beltran is probably out by November at the latest – and Wright and Bay are right-handed hitters. Whether it’s Lucas Duda (hint, it’s not) or someone else, the team would really benefit from a left-handed bopper.

So who would fit? There’s one guy who I’m sure that no one has really considered seriously, who might be a good fit on a short-term contract – provided the Mets could afford him.

Carlos Pena.

No, this isn’t a joke. No, I don’t advocate dropping Ike Davis.

What I advocate is moving Ike to right field, if it means that we can upgrade the roster in a different place. Ike Davis is blessed with a wicked throwing arm, and I was always a little confused why the Mets put him at 1B, rather than RF in the minors. While Ike is a good defensive 1B, he’d probably make a pretty good defensive RF as well. And this off-season, given the dearth of good offensive options available via free agency in the outfield, I don’t see why the Mets couldn’t at least consider moving Ike as an option.

With power hitters like Carlos Pena and Prince Fielder becoming available, and unable to play other positions, it might be worth considering seeing if these players could come in and play at their natural position. It’s just a thought – there’s only so many ways that the team can be upgraded.

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Three Opening Day Mets Thoughts

In celebration of the glory of Mets Opening Day, I’d like to open with a couple of short thoughts about the Mets 2011 season-opening game today.

#1 – I really, truly, hate that Willie Harris is starting in left field and BATTING SECOND today. Yes, he’s had some success against Josh Johnson. But, that’s a very small sample size. In a larger sample size, Willie’s not a very good hitter. Oh, also, according to Tom Tango, you’re supposed to put your three best hitters in the 1-2-4 spots in the lineup. In this lineup, Harris is probably the eighth best hitter in the lineup. This is the first Terry Collins fail of the year. I am legitimately worried that it will not be the last one.

#2 – The Mets have the potential to be an 85-90 win team. Unfortunately, they also have the potential to be a 70-75 win team. I have to assume this variation is going to be on the pitching staff. Pitching is maybe only 38% of a baseball game (1/2 is run prevention, 1/2 is run scoring…pitching is 75% of run prevention), but the Mets offense can be predicted with reasonable accuracy. There’s a lot of known factors in our hitters. The pitchers, on the other hand, are VERY variable. I’m hoping for the best.

#3 – There are some young players that I’m really looking forward to watching this year. Brad Emaus and Josh Thole on Opening Day. Fernando Martinez, Lucas Duda, Dan Murphy, Ike Davis, Chin-lung Hu. Pedro Beato, Jon Niese, Bobby Parnell, Jenrry Mejia.

But, there’s one young player that I’m interested in watching more than any of these other guys this year:

Jose Reyes.

Jose is, in fact, still young. And the horrible truth is that, either by trade or free agency, there’s a decent chance he’ll suit up in 2012 for a different team. He’s been a Met institution for the last six or seven years, and one of the most fun players in baseball to watch. I truly hope that he’ll be back on the team next year – but just in case he isn’t, I’m going to take particular joy in his at-bats, his defensive plays, and his upbeat personality in the clubhouse.

Whew. With all that said, there’s infinite possibility this season. Looking forward to seeing what happens next this yer. And, as always, go Mets!

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Happy Opening Day!

There’s nothing like Opening Day in baseball. One of the best days of the year!

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Ollie Perez – Bullpen Arm?

Adam Rubin, who does some fine work for, finally broke the unsurprising news that Oliver Perez is out of the running for a rotation spot, following another distressing spring training outing.

I was a huge fan of Ollie when he was acquired from the Pirates in ’06, but with the loss of velocity and the obvious problems he continues to have, there’s just no place for him on the major league roster. At the same time, let’s remember his better days as a Met, and hope that he eventually figures stuff out and is able to continue to pitch professionally.

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Welcome to The Extra Base

Okay, so here’s another attempt at starting up a baseball blog. The blog will focus on the New York Mets, a terrific baseball team with a less-than-terrific reputation. I’ve been a Mets fan since watching a Mets / Expos game on television, with my dad, in what I can only guess was 1986. At any rate, I’m no sabermetrician, but I’m a fan of statistics and their use to see past the subjective and into the heart of the sport. While my opinions will definitely color my commentary, I’m trying to make sure that the coverage of the team is fair, and without Francesca-esque hyperbole.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope that you enjoy what you read here.

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