The Most Rockies Player Of All Time

So, I happened to be in a Rockies-Braves game chat with Jon Bois at Baseball Nation, and so I decided to post my opinion on who is the Most Rockies Player of all time. Here’s what I wrote – I didn’t want to lose it.

The Most Rockies Player of All Time should do one important thing very well, do another important thing very poorly, and have terrible fashion sense. They should be a hitter, and not be either exceptional or even exceptionally well-known. I nominate Dante Bichette, a guy who couldn’t field his way out of a dryer bag, who racked up 1.8 fWAR while ALMOST WINNING THE TRIPLE CROWN in ’95. He fielded the same way Billy Joel drives cars. But he hit the same way Rollie Fingers grew mustaches. Excellence side-by-side with futility, a Rockies trademark. (He also wore a Bichette Happens t-shirt on a baseball card, and I think that covers the hideous fashion sens item.) He is truly the Most Rockies of all time.

Not too bad. I think I’ve made my point.


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