Timing Is Everything, Francisco

Really, Francisco Liriano?

Early results show that I may have possibly been wrong about Francisco Liriano being worth dropping last week. But at the same time, I’m not entirely sure that I was. Here are the facts:

  • Liriano walked six guys during the no-hitter. That’s a lot.
  • Liriano struck out two guys. That’s not a lot.
  • Liriano threw the no-no against the White Sox, who are a bit terrible lately.
  • Liriano threw 123 pitches, when he’s already acting like he was injured.

In truth, I have much of the same confidence I did before that Liriano hasn’t “figured it out” and that he just got extraordinarily lucky against the Sox last night. I fully expect a piece on FanGraphs to go up within 24 hours to verify the science behind that assumption. Francisco faced 33 batters, and 25 of them put the bat on the ball. Talk about a nutty BABIP sample size.

And I just know that talking heads are going to say that this validates the Twins’ “pitch to contact” strategy. We’ll see how well that goes the next time around.

Still, I guess I should’ve waited a week before cutting bait on Liriano. But let’s be serious – even if he was on my roster, was there any way I was starting him last night? Probably not.

Congratulations, Francisco Liriano. By all accounts you’re a great guy, and well deserving of your success on May 3, 2011. But next time, let me know before I drop you in my fantasy league, ok? Would a text or something kill you?

*Footnote: Congratulations to the rest of the Minnesota Twins who played in the field during that game. I know many of the balls weren’t hit very hard, but when you talk about a no-no, it’s almost always decidedly a team effort. So, hats off to the defense.


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