An Ottoneu Team

So, as much as I’m invested in the New York Mets, there’s another baseball team I’m nearly as fond of. It’s a fantasy baseball team I’m managing at FanGraphs. FanGraphs has introduced their own fantasy baseball product – it’s called “ottoneu”, and it’s awesome in how different it is from your standard ESPN/Yahoo/CBS Sports fantasy leagues.

Basically, ottoneu leagues are keeper leagues with extremely deep rosters – meaning that the leagues carry over from year to year. These leagues are designed to mimic closely what it’s like to be a real GM – planning for the present as well as the future with a large, deep player pool. It’s a rotisserie-styled league (chicken), but uses a mix of traditional fantasy stats and more sabermetrically-inclined stats.

My team is called Niese Guys Finish Last. Which is part of the time-honored tradition of using player name puns as part of a fantasy team name. And yes, I know it’s not the proper pronunciation. That’s kind of the point.

At the risk of sounding, well, less than humble…I’m a pretty good fantasy baseball player. I win leagues fairly often. Last year, I won almost half my leagues, and came in 2nd in two others. So this should be a nice challenge. So, there’s a 40-man roster, which I haven’t managed to fill yet, even though our draft is over. Oh, and we’re given $400 in fake money to buy our players from a shared pool.

Anyways – a link to my ottoneu team can be found here if you’re interested.


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