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Ben Zobrist

Ben Zobrist: Would Solve Every Single One Of The Mets' Problems (Except Pitching. And Ownership.)

Gotta love Matthew Cerrone’s MetsBlog. While not my favorite Mets site, you definitely get a few things that you can’t get anywhere else. Like this, regarding an interview with Mets manager Terry Collins.

“During the interview Collins basically said:

  • The group of second baseman are all different; Luis Castillo brings experience; Daniel Murphy can hit, and for power; Brad Emaus is selective at the plate, and gets on base; and while Luis Hernandez has been hurt, ‘he can play.’”

I can’t believe that this really happened. He gave reasons (good or not, you decide) for the first three guys, and then said that Luis Hernandez’s two qualities are that (1) he is hurt and (2) he is capable of playing baseball.

I had this idea that hiring Sandy Alderson, Paul DePodesta, and J.P. Ricciardi would infuse the organization with a much-needed infusion of objective reasoning. I’m more than a little ticked off if their managerial hire isn’t capable of following their lead…or if they aren’t really serious about performance-over-subjective measures. I guess we’ll wait and see.

* * *

Will Carroll, via Twitter, offered a useful piece of information. (This is not the first time this has happened.)

“Looks like Beltran will start the season on the DL. Bit of a surprise, but smart conservative play by Mets.”

First, thrilled with his assessment, as I felt the same way. I just didn’t base it on anything, it was just a gut feeling. Second, I really, truly hope that Lucas Duda breaks camp with the team, and he’s the starting RF. Anything that we can do that (1) does not adversely affect his development and (2) can show us how good he really can be seems like a win for me. Scott Hairston is a pretty ideal 4th OF – I’d hate to have him start in right, and then have to go to Willie Harris (or worse) in center if Pagan has to come out of a game or needs a break.

Duda should start, until it’s time to re-insert Beltran, then either continue to play semi-regularly in the majors, or every day in the minors. For now.


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