A Brief Trade Interlude – Kevin Slowey

Just heard this through the truly awesome Rob Neyer: the Twins have too many starting pitchers, and could be in the market to trade away Kevin Slowey.

Slowey has fly-ball tendencies. Citi Field is a fine park for fly-ball pitchers.

The Mets need starters. Don’t tell me they don’t. The Twins want relief pitchers. Relief pitchers are the most fungible resource in baseball.

I know non-saber folks love “closers” – but can anyone give me one good reason why we shouldn’t swap Bobby Parnell for Kevin Slowey? The money pretty much matches out, we’d lose a year or two of team control and line up for an arb hearing next year – but I’d have to think this decision makes sense over the next two or three years. Right handed relievers, even those as good as Parnell, are nowhere near as important as good, solid starting pitchers. Slowey would benefit a boatload from a move to the NL East and into Citi Field. And I’d have to think that if Minnesota is looking for relievers – Parnell would fit the bill as being cheap, fairly reliable, and with “closer” type stuff.

So what if we have to use DJ Carrasco or Ryota Igarashi to close out games? At least we’d be in the hunt if Kevin Slowey was our fifth (read: third) starter. Otherwise it might not matter who is closing – since we’ll never have a tight lead into the end of a game.


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